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We custom develop and maintain a full range of digital products and applications using modern development processes and technologies. We specialise in services for the complete product lifecycle, from concept design through to end-of-life support.

Portfolio of Services

Full compliment of digital technology services
Application Development
We create powerful and scalable web applications custom made using modern development technologies. Web applications have now evolved to be viable alternatives to native desktop software, and in many cases, native mobile applications. The latest web technologies provide interactivity, usability, and device-agnostic features that rival the requirements for many native application development.
Cloud Design and Support
From hosting basic websites to full enterprise applications, Technote guides you to take full advantage of the different cloud offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean, and others. The efficiency and scalability of your application can only be fully realized with an effective cloud strategy in place. A modern iterative approach enables small, frequent, and automated updates to your applications, keeping your business on the front foot with continuous updates and improvements.
Digital Electronics
Technote offers embedded electronic design services for specialised and custom product deisgns and intergations. Using industry leading CAD tools like Altium Designer, we provide the complete design lifecycle from electronic schematic design and capture, through to the PCB layout and routing, then assisting with protoyping and manufacturing requirements.
Technical Project Services
Our consultants provide the experience to assist, guide, and contirbute to your internal technical projects. From project management to specalised development skills, you can leverage our knowledge for the success of your next project.
Industrial Design
Together with our strong electronics and software capabilities, Technote provides the industrial design experience to offer a complete product design and engineering service. Using the latest Solidworks 3D CAD software, Technote will guide your product design into a commercially ready product prepared for mass production
Embedded Software
Technote's embedded software engineers specialise in getting working code onto your digital design. Whether it be custom processor board, or one of the many prototyping boards like the Raspberry PI, be assured that Technote can provide the embedded development experience required for your digital electronic designs.

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Our clients come to us for results, with our proven experience across our team of highly qualifed engineers.
With a complete design in hand, or just an idea, we will step through all the design elements to ensure your product will be successfully realised through the development process.
Using the latest build and configuration management tools, our collaborative development processes will keep you engaged throughout the development lifecycle.
After development, we stay with you to support your design through its continued commerial growth, deployment, and logistics.

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